About Leeds Minster

Welcome to St Peter-at-Leeds, the Minster Church to a vibrant and enterprising city, set by the river on an ancient and holy Christian site where prayer and worship have been offered to God for over twelve hundred years.

The present building was erected in 1841 to express the grace and compassion of God at a time when the surrounding area was a huddled mass of squalid housing and money was scarce. At the heart of this church the loving prayers of devoted people sustained the life of a growing city, and the dedication of accomplished musicians reflected both the majesty and mystery of God.

Today, the surrounding area is being re-born with the imaginative restoration of decayed buildings and new initiatives to attract the ever-growing numbers of visitors.

“We seek to proclaim the good news of God’s love in Jesus Christ in all that we say and do."

  • By offering up the very best of Christian worship and putting God first in our life of discipleship.
  • By celebrating the English Sacred Choral Tradition as one of the key features of how we seek to structure our approach to worship within the mainstream of the ongoing Anglican tradition.
  • By committing ourselves to building relationships, becoming a visible community, and being a valued part of the Body of Christ at the heart of the City.
  • By offering a generous welcome and gracious hospitality to everyone.
  • By seeking to serve our local community and the wider City both through our life of prayer and also in practical outreach and pastoral care.
  • By offering a varied ministry for people of all ages and all walks of life.

We hope that you will visit us and enjoy the spectacle of the Minster, and rest for a while in the stillness of this unique house of prayer.