SUPPER TALK: "Lost And Found: The Leeds Cross in its Historical Context"


To conclude the Leeds Civic Trust programme of supper events, a special evening is planned at Leeds Minster which takes the story of Leeds back over thousand years. This event is jointly organised by Leeds Minster and the Leeds Civic Trust and is part of ‘Church Explorers’, a Yorkshire-wide celebration of church architecture and heritage. 

The keynote speaker for the evening is Professor Joyce Hill, an international authority on the transmission of Christian culture in early medieval Europe. The subject of her illustrated talk is one of the city’s greatest treasures, the tenth-century Leeds Cross which stands proudly in Leeds Minster. Professor Hill describes how, ‘It captures a moment in our history when Leeds lay at the heart of that part of England where the Vikings had by then settled and become an accepted part of local society.’

This illustrated lecture shows how the Cross reflects this Anglo-Scandinavian world and sets its production in the larger historical landscape. It also tells the remarkable story of how knowledge of it was lost for 500 years, and how it was then reassembled from the surviving fragments to become the monument that we know today.

The event starts with a buffet, wine and soft drinks, which are served in Leeds Minster at 6.00pm. There will also be a selection of local history books available to browse from the Civic Trust bookshop. Professor Hill’s illustrated lecture starts at 6.30pm and will be followed by an opportunity to see the Leeds Cross itself and to look around this historic church. To Book Please Click Here