Who we are

We are a community of people who are drawn to worship the God who calls us. We may experience that call differently, and we come from all walks of life, but it brings us here. We pray together and support and encourage each other as we try to follow Jesus Christ. 

There is no single or fixed way to be part of this community. Some like to just attend the services and then leave - that's OK. Others choose to get involved in one way or another, be that by socialising after the service, or by volunteering, by taking part in prayer, study or discussion groups, by singing in the choir, or by donating. 

Anyone is welcome to join in, in whatever they wish to - there is no pressure to conform. You will be welcome.

There is a bit more to it, of course. You can find out more about faith and spirituality, belief, music, prayer and worship by following the links on this website or by reading elsewhere, but in the end the best way to find out is to join in - believe and belong.