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church from the back

Guided Heritage Tour

Fri 8th Sep

2.45pm - 4.00pm

Join our tour of a magnificent Victorian neo-gothic church. Enjoy the architecture, the monuments, the stained-glass and the human stories.

The newly rebuilt Leeds Parish Church (now Leeds Minster) opened its doors in 1841. It was the largest church to have been built in England since St Paul’s Cathedral in 1697 and was notable for its architectural style. It was also led by a charismatic figure, Dr Walter Hook, who became a leading name in the town as well as the church. On our tour, you will learn about previous churches on the site and the significant ‘family heirlooms’ we still have from them. You will also learn about Dr Hook and his vision for the new building, the changes and enhancements introduced over the years and the stories of many Leeds people connected with the church and the town (which became a city in 1893). We are confident you will be wowed by the beauty of this amazing building!