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Oakleaf Service of Remembrance

Sun 20th Nov

3.00pm - 4.00pm

In association with Support and Care After Road Death and Injury (SCARD)
Preacher: Ven. Paul Ayers, Archdeacon of Leeds

In Paradisum | Fauré
My soul | Parry

The Oakleaf Service of Remembrance is a ceremony in which the names of loved ones are written down on a paper oak leaf and then placed on an altar and read out during the service. Photographs of loved ones are placed around the font and candles are lit for each person who has died. A commemorative quilt representing the lives of loved ones is hung on display throughout the service.

The service can be seen as the first step towards starting the healing process and gives the bereaved an opportunity to speak with others who are going through their own grieving. It gives a feeling of togetherness, helping to remind people that they are not alone in their grief.

For further information about the service, or if you would like an oak leaf to be sent to you or filled out on your behalf, please call SCARD on 01924 562 252 or email info@scard.org.uk.