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Picture perfect!


The Minster played host recently to a workshop for a group of super-talented artists from Leeds Sketchers, who seem to have found its stunning architecture and glass completely irresistible.

‘Just a big thank you for letting us takeover your fabulous Minster for the afternoon. It’s one of those buildings I’ve been keen to get on the radar for many years in Leeds, I don’t think anyone is quite prepared for the interior. It has a real “Wow” factor’, said the group’s leader, Clifford Stead.

‘I think you’ll find a few of our artists coming back to sketch in their lunch hour. We had one guy yesterday who just came for quiet contemplation, he didn’t do any drawing at all. He just wanted to immerse himself in silence.’

The Minster is open to everyone, whether you want to discover the history of this amazing building, enjoy the beauty of the surroundings, or immerse yourself in silence (see the Visiting Times).

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